How To Make Your Own Termite Killer At Home

Keep your home clean. Silverfish are hearty insects; they can live without food for up to a year, but will devour any starchy morsel in sight, including mold. You can deter silverfish by keeping your home free of crumbs and mold, and by cleaning it on a regular basis. Technicians can receive their daily jobs […]

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The amount of choices you’ll have will depend somewhat on the price range you can afford, but there are certain basics that are important to understand no matter what price range you are in. The 2 most common types of construction for houses are cement block and wood frame with one-story homes being more common […]

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There are some Pest Exterminators in Honolulu who possess the requisite knowledge for solving any kind of pest problem. They have certified pest control operators who analyze each specific situation and determine the most effective and efficient method of pest control. This includes the following: General pest and Rodents Control Ground Termite Treatment Localized treatments […]

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Once you know the price you can check its worth by the services they offer you. See if the company charges you for the entire house pest control treatment, that is inside and the outside of the house or do they charge you something extra for the internal treatments too. However, a good company should […]

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Then you place it around your home and monitor it. Termites like soft food and the weakened cardboard – that is made of wood – makes it a great buffet for invading termites. Once you find termites in the damp cardboard, take it somewhere and burn it and then continue the process. Nowadays, you can […]

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This is also a good sign of where the mice are running. This smear mark can be around the skirting of wall floor junctions or over pipework that is regularly used by the mouse. You may also start to see the build up of urine trails. Three Steps That Will Keep Your House Pest-free When […]

How To Make Your Own Termite Killer At Home

What is funny about her story is that a pest control company came out to assess her home and give her an estimate on how she could control termites. Their estimate was over $1,300! In her quest for a homemade termite killer, she found a commercial product that worked just as well as a pest […]